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Enable 3x DL NR-CA (FDD+FDD+FDD) on X65 modems with MPSS.DE.1.0 baseband firmware or newer:

For an explanation on how hardware and software combinations are defined in Qualcomm firmware, see here.

Confirmed working with the following devices:

Devices with 3x DL NR-CA (FDD+FDD+FDD) enabled out of the box by the OEM:

_Note: 3x DL NR-CA (FDD+FDD+FDD) is only available in NR-SA

How to enable 3x DL NR-CA (FDD+FDD+FDD) in NR-SA

Step 1: Launch EFS explorer

Launch QPST with your device in diag mode. Then, open the EFS explorer.

Step 2: Upload the NV item files for 3x DL NR-CA (FDD+FDD+FDD)

Navigate to /nv/item_files/modem/nr5g/RRC/

Right click and “Copy item file from PC”, do not drag or drop.

List of NV item files:

cap_control_nrca_f_plus_f_band_combos set to 0x0101, defines a boolean where the first hex byte enables 2xDLCA and the second 3xDLCA

For dual SIM devices, also copy over the files suffixed by _Subscription01

Download from here