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Enable 3x DL NR-CA (TDD+FDD+FDD/TDD+TDD+FDD) on X65 modems with MPSS.DE.1.0 baseband firmware or newer:

For an explanation on how hardware and software combinations are defined in Qualcomm firmware, see here.

Confirmed working with the following devices:

Devices with 3x DL NR-CA (TDD+FDD+FDD/TDD+TDD+FDD) enabled out of the box by the OEM:

_Note: 3x DL NR-CA (TDD+FDD+FDD/TDD+TDD+FDD) is only available in NR-SA and TDD+TDD+FDD may be limited to single SIM (ssim) operation depending on the UE

How to enable 3x DL NR-CA (TDD+FDD+FDD/TDD+TDD+FDD) in NR-SA

Step 1: Launch EFS explorer

Launch QPST with your device in diag mode. Then, open the EFS explorer.

Step 2: Upload the NV item files for 3xNR-CA

Navigate to /nv/item_files/modem/nr5g/RRC/

Right click and “Copy item file from PC”, do not drag or drop.

List of NV item files:

cap_control_nrca_3x_f_plus_t_band_combos set to 0x010101010000, introduced in Samsung UEs, bit mapping unclear, may only work on Samsung UEs

_Note: leave the 0x0000 padding at the end, this ensures it works on all UEs including Samsung which expects the padding

For dual SIM devices, also copy over the files suffixed by _Subscription01

Download from here