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AT&T mmWave map dump (2022-03-30)

Disclaimer, this site is not affiliated with AT&T. Coverage maps obtained from AT&T’s publicly available coverage map with the help of the following chrome extension

I recommend downloading these to view in full resolution.

Atlanta, GA here

Baltimore, MD here

Charlotte, NC here

Dallas, TX here

Detroit, MI here

East Side - Chicago, IL here

Cleveland, OH here

Houston, TX here

Indianapolis, IN here

Jacksonville, FL here

Lake Lucerne, FL here

Las Vegas, NV here

Los Angeles, CA here

Louisville, KY here

Miami, FL.png here

Miller Park - Milwaukee, WI here

Milwaukee, WI here

Minneapolis, MN here

Mountain View, CA here

Manhattan, NY here

Nashville, TN here

New Orleans, LA here

Ocean City, MD here

Oklahoma City, OK here

Pheonix, AZ here

Philadelphia, PA here

Citizens Bank Park - Philadelphia, PA here

Providence, RI here

Raleigh, NC here

San Antonio, TX here

San Diego, CA here

Marina - San Diego, CA here

Sorrento Valley - San Diego, CA here

Village - San Diego, CA here

San Francisco, CA here

San Jose, CA here

St Louis, MO here

Universal Studios - Orlando, FL here

University of Las Vegas, NV here

University of North Florida, FL here

Waco, TX here

West Holywood, CA here