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List of approved early c-band licenses from the FCC ELS (Verizon Wireless d.b.a Cellco Partnership)

(3.7-3.9 GHz 5G NR band n77)

Earlier grants were restricted to 3 km at low power. New grants & modifications to existing grants have been issued. This allows operation up to 10/30/50 km from the site, at 68400W ERP (full power).

Akron, OH 41°2 50N 81°30’3W

Albany, IN 40°18’28N 85°14’42W

Albany, MN 45°38’0N 94°35’15W

Albion, NY 43°13’1N 78°12’45W

Algona, WA 47°17’9N 122°14’59W

Aliso Viejo, CA 33°35’9N 117°44’0W

Arlington, TX 32°37’17N 97°7’52W

Astor, FL 29°9’32N 81°37’48W

Attleboro, MA 41°54’18N 71°18’39W

Attleboro, MA 41°57’31N 71°17’51W

Attleboro, MA 41°58’7N 71°15’53W

Austin, TX 30°11’7N 97°46’9W

Baker, CA 33°16’17N 116°35’44W

Belle Plaine, MN 44°36’16N 93°46’0W

Belleville, MI 42°7’52N 83°29’7W

Belton, SC 34°34’22N 82°19’46W

Birmingham, AL 33°28’37N 86°51’23W

Bloomfield, MI 42°32’27N 83°17’4W

Boca Raton, FL 26°19’43N 80°4’28W

Boca Raton, FL 26°19’58N 80°8’17W

Boca Raton, FL 26°20’57N 80°9’17W

Boca Raton, FL 26°21’42N 80°7’23W

Boca Raton, FL 26°21’52N 80°6’20W

Boca Raton, FL 26°22’17N 80°5’7W

Bonadelle Ranchos, CA 36°55’37N 119°51’28W

Boston, MA 42°19’14N 71°6’2W

Boston, MA 42°19’40N 71°6’41W

Boston, MA 42°19’45N 71°5’53W

Boston, MA 42°20’3N 71°6’20W

Boynton Beach, FL 26°29’15N 80°10’2W

Boynton Beach, FL 26°31’22N 80°10’8W

Boynton Beach, FL 26°31’34N 80°12’0W

Braintree, MA 42°11’41N 71°1’48W

Braintree, MA 42°12’11N 71°1’47W

Braintree, MA 42°12’36N 71°1’18W

Brandon, FL 27°53’34N 82°17’48W

Branford, FL 29°57’11N 82°53’25W

Bridgeville, PA 40°21’6N 80°7’37W

Bridgeville, PA 40°21’8N 80°7’35W

Brockton, MA 42°5’48N 71°0’53W

Brookline, MA 42°18’17N 71°8’20W

Brookline, MA 42°19’55N 71°7’2W

Brooklyn, NY 40°34’25N 73°59’25W

Brooklyn, NY 40°34’33N 73°58’48W

Brooklyn, NY 40°40’49N 73°58’28W

Brooklyn, NY 40°40’54N 73°58’53W

Brownsville, TX 25°55’13N 97°30’31W

Canton, OH 40°47’35N 81°21’59W

Cedar Hill, TX 32°36’34N 96°54’55W

Chicago, IL 41°41’28N 87°42’11W

Chicago, IL 41°53’47N 87°40’28W

Chicago, IL 41°54’10N 87°41’23W

Chicago, IL 41°54’28N 87°39’54W

Chicago, IL 41°54’51N 87°41’10W

Chicago, IL 41°55’17N 87°41’39W

Chicago, IL 41°55’2N 87°39’53W

Chicago, IL 41°55’31N 87°40’49W

Chicago, IL 41°55’40N 87°40’45W

Cincinnati, OH 39°14’20N 84°40’36W

Cincinnati, OH 39°7’53N 84°30’42W

Circleville, OH 39°37’48N 82°54’55W

Coatesville, IN 39°39’4N 86°39’29W

Cocoa, FL 28°26’49N 80°50’0W

Coconut Creek, FL 26°19’0N 80°10’40W

Colleyville, TX 32°53’51N 97°9’42W

Columbus, OH 40°0’28N 83°1’11W

Coney Island, NY 40°34’20N 73°59’58W

Coral Springs, FL 26°14’2N 80°15’18W

Coral Springs, FL 26°14’54N 80°15’9W

Costa Mesa, CA 33°39’6N 117°54’27W

Costa Mesa, CA 33°40’39N 117°52’47W

Costa Mesa, CA 33°41’33N 117°53’33W

Costa Mesa, CA 33°41’35N 117°53’3W

Costa Mesa, CA 33°41’7N 117°53’30W

Costa Mesa, CA 33°41’7N 117°53’3W

Crandall, TX 32°38’31N 96°27’10W

Dade City, FL 28°18’51N 82°12’2W

Dallas, NC 35°20’8N 81°11’25W

Dallas, TX 32°41’46N 96°56’4W

Dallas, TX 32°41’6N 96°47’17W

Dallas, TX 32°54’0 96°43’15W

Dallas, TX 32°54’0N 96°43’15W

Danville, CA 37°47’3N 121°58’0W

Davis, CA 38°32’49N 121°43’52W

Deerfield Beach, FL 26°18’32N 80°4’45W

Deerfield Beach, FL 26°18’59N 80°7’27W

Delray Beach, FL 26°26’17N 80°7’28W

Denton County, TX 33°4’46N 97°6’32W

Denton, TX 33°13’16N 97°7’27W

Denton, TX 33°14’45N 97°5’36W

Denton, TX 33°8’0 97°6’5W

Denton, TX 33°8’0N 97°6’5W

Desert Center, CA 33°43’11N 115°23’45W

Duncanville, TX 32°38’4N 96°53’59W

Durand Michigan 42°55’55N 83°59’24W

Durham, NC 35°52’45N 78°50’56W

Durham, NC 35°59’45N 78°54’10W

East Caln Township, PA 39°59’48N 75°42’3W

East Hartford, CT 41°44’33N 72°38’25W

East Hartford, CT 41°45’16N 72°38’23W

East Hartford, CT 41°46’38N 72°38’20W

East Hartford, CT 41°46’9N 72°38’56W

East Hartford, CT 41’45’16N 72°38’23W

East Hartford, CT 41’46’38N 72°38’20W

East Lackawannock, PA 41°10’35N 80°17’50W

East Orange, NJ 40°46’16N 74°12’46W

Easton, PA 40°41’11N 75°14’33W

Egg Harbor Township, NJ 39°25’18N 74°37’5W

El Cajon, CA 32°46’46N 116°57’57W

Encinitas, CA 33°1’24N 117°16’58W

Encinitas, CA 33°2’9N 117°16’31W

Ennis, TX 32°20’21N 96°38’17W

Escalon, CA 37°47’32N 120°58’40W

Euless, TX 32°51’3N 97°4’13W

Fate, TX 32°55’40N 96°22’52W

Fate, TX 32°55’4N 96°22’52W

Fenelton, PA 40°50’47N 79°42’4W

Fort Lauderdale, FL 26°7’18N 80°8’15W

Fort Pierce, FL 27°29’14N 80°21’3W

Fort Worth, TX 32°35’50N 97°19’1W

Fort Worth, TX 32°35’5N 97°19’1W

Fort Worth, TX 32°43’3N 97°28’33W

Fort Worth, TX 32°47’2N 97°27’50W

Fort Worth, TX 32°47’2N 97°27’5W

Fort Worth, TX 32°49’27N 97°30’47W

Foxboro, MA 42°5’14N 71°16’40W

Foxboro, MA 42°5’44N 71°13’49W

Franklin, IN 39°28’39N 86°4’28W

Franklin, MA 42°4’40N 71°26’18W

Franklin, TN 35°57’15N 86°48’59W

Gainesville, FL 29°41’14N 82°21’6W

Gardena, CA 33°53’17N 118°18’39W

Garland, TX 32°57’54N 96°38’17W

Gary, IN 41°34’48N 87°20’8W

Gilbert, AZ 33°16’53N 111°41’16W

Glenvar Heights, FL 25°41’44N 80°18’12W

Gorham, NY 42°47’30N 77°12’5W

Granbury, TX 32°28’48N 97°49’55W

Grand Prairie, TX 32°40’33N 97°3’11W

Grapevine, TX 32°54’35N 97°5’42W

Grapevine, TX 32°55’10N 97°6’54W

Grapevine, TX 32°55’1N 97°6’54W

Gridley, CA 39°22’28N 121°41’14W

Haddon Township, NJ 39°54’9N 75°3’36W

Haines City, FL 28°6’12N 81°37’0W

Harlingen, TX 26°11’35N 97°41’25W

Harrington, CA 38°57’39N 122°1’6W

Hartford, CT 41°44’27N 72°41’0W

Hemet, CA 33°44’44N 116°59’28W

Hesperia, CA 34°28’11N 117°19’28W

Highland Beach, FL 26°25’7N 80°3’54W

Hillsboro Beach, FL 26°16’48N 80°4’46W

Hobe Sound, FL 27°5’51N 80°9’26W

Hooper, UT 41°10’13N 112°6’50W

Hopkinsville, KY 36°47’5N 87°33’58W

Houston, TX 29°46’44N 95°28’59W

Howell Township, NJ 40°10’12N 74°14’15W

Hugo, MN 45°12’4N 92°58’42W

Humble, TX 29°59’56N 95°9’30W

Hyde Park, NY 41°47’30N 73°54’49W

Indianapolis, IN 39°44’51N 86°9’20W

Indianapolis, IN 39°45’21N 86°9’22W

Indianapolis, IN 39°45’47N 86°10’15W

Indianapolis, IN 39°45’53N 86°9’26W

Indianapolis, IN 39°45’56N 86°8’16W

Indianapolis, IN 39°46’0N 86°8’50W

Inman, SC 35°7 29N 82°1’40W

Irvine, CA 33°40’7N 117°51’9W

Irvine, CA 33°41’19N 117°51’25W

Irvine, CA 33°41’20N 117°52’7W

Jackson, SD 43°51’48N 101°53’55W

Jacksonville, FL 30°11 59N 81°37’1W

Jacksonville, FL 30°18 29N 81°42’50W

Jacksonville, FL 30°8’6N 82°0’15W

Jamaica Plain, MA 42°18’11N 71°7’38W

Kansas City, MO 38°59’23N 94°36’24W

Kennedale, TX 32°38’12N 97°12’20W

Kennedale, TX 32°38’12N 97°12’2W

Kirkland, WA 47°40’48N 122°10’55W

Lake Forest, CA 33°38’53N 117°41’9W

Lake Forest, CA 33°39’37N 117°40’13W

Lake Worth, TX 32°48’38N 97°26’12W

Lancaster, CA 34°41°17N 118°6’41W

Lancaster, TX 32°36°15N 96°46’11W

Lancaster, TX 32°36’15N 96°46’11W

Lapeer Michigan 43°2’8N 83°21’31W

Lapel, IN 40°4’14N 85°51’13W

Las Vegas, NV 36°6’53N 115°12’53W

Lebanon, OH 39°26°38N 84°12’41W

Lebanon, TN 36°8’17N 86°24’13W

Lewisville, TX 33°5’6N 97°4’35W

Lockhart, SC 34°47’30N 81°28’10W

Los Angeles, CA 33°58’47N 118°24’55W

Los Angeles, CA 34°15’25N 118°35’47W

Los Angeles, CA 34°2’24N 118°15’24W

Los Angeles, CA 34°2’26N 118°16’8W

Los Angeles, CA 34°2’32N 118°16’2W

Los Angeles, CA 34°2’34N 118°16’5W

Los Angeles, CA 34°2’35N 118°16’11W

Los Angeles, CA 34°2’39N 118°15’3W

Los Angeles, CA 34°2’39N 118°15’58W

Los Angeles, CA 34°2’39N 118°16’0W

Los Angeles, CA 34°2’40N 118°15’58W

Los Angeles, CA 34°2’40N 118°15’59W

Los Angeles, CA 34°2’41N 118°16’2W

Los Angeles, CA 34°2’43N 118°15’29W

Los Angeles, CA 34°2’50N 118°15’12W

Los Angeles, CA 34°2’50N 118°16’14W

Los Angeles, CA 34°2’7N 118°15’33W

Los Angeles, CA 34°3’0N 118°15’32W

Mansfield, TX 32°36’17N 97°7’6W

Manville, RI 41°58’14N 71°28’31W

Manville, RI 41’58’14N 71°28’31W

McAllen, TX 26°14’16N 98°15’25W

McFarland, CA 35°40’26N 119°13’31W

McKinney, TX 33°15’33N 96°43’12W

Middletown, NY 41°24’32N 74°26’37W

Midlothian, TX 32°31’33N 97°4’50W

Minneapolis, MN 44°48’24N 93°22’29W

Minneapolis, MN 44°48’26N 93°22’29W

Mount Pleasant Twshp, PA 40°21’11N 80°17’12W

Napa, CA 38°18’30N 122°17’59W

New Bedford, MA 41°40’29N 70°56’23W

New Braunfels, TX 29°42’25N 98°7’31W

New Haven, CT 41°18’13N 72°53’42W

New Orleans, LA 29°56’1N 90°2’40W

New York, NY 40°30’34N 74°14’49W

New York, NY 40°42’35N 74°0’43W

New York, NY 40°42’40N 73°57’43W

Newark, DE 39°40’22N 75°44’33W

Newark, DE 39°40’41N 75°43’41W

Newark, DE 39°40’56N 75°42’47W

Newark, DE 39°41’16N 75°41’45W

Newark, DE 39°41’41N 75°40’18W

Newark, DE 39°42’18N 75°38’55W

Newport Beach, CA 33°39’30N 117°52’15W

Newport Beach, CA 33°39’3N 117°52’15W

Newport Beach, CA 33°39’44N 117°51’5W

Newport Beach, CA 33°40’15N 117°51’53W

Norman, OK 35°11’47N 97°28’40W

North East, MD 39°36’39N 75°54’13W

North Highlands, CA 38°38’49N 121°21’45W

North Lebanon Twshp, PA 40’21 22N 76°21’57W

North Little Rock, AR 34°46 54N 92°17’48W

North Smithfield, RI 41°59’0N 71°31’7W

North Smithfield, RI 41’59’00N 71°31’07W

Norton, MA 41°57’1N 71°14’19W

O’Fallon, MO 38°45°31N 90°42’45W

Ocala, FL 29°10’39N 82°8’43W

Oklahoma City, OK 35°32°20N 97°37’59W

Oldsmar, FL 28°2 17N 82°40’21W

Orem, UT 40’17 5N 111°41’15W

Orlando, FL 28°33°5N 81°28’16W

Otsego, MN 45°14 26N 93°41’9W

Palm Bay, FL 28°1’53N 80°36’23W

Palm Coast, FL 29°32’8N 81°15’49W

Palm Desert, CA 33’43 13N 116°23’38W

Palm Springs, FL 26°39’11N 80°5’26W

Penn Township, PA 40°20’35N 79°37’56W

Phoenix, AZ 33°30°33N 111°59’16W

Plano, TX 33°0’42N 96°37’50W

Plano, TX 33°0’42N 96°37’5W

Plano, TX 33°2’17N 96°38’46W

Plano, TX 33°2’41N 96°39’41W

Plano, TX 33°3’2N 96°43’19W

Plant City, FL 28°2 27N 82°7’20W

Pleasant View, TN 36°22’38N 86°59’26W

Pompano Beach, FL 26°16’37N 80°7’16W

Ponder, TX 33°14’47N 97°20’24W

Port Hueneme, CA 34°10’35N 119°12’42W

Port Orange, FL 29’5 6N 81°0’59W

Portland, OR 45°33’43N 122°37’12W

Portsmouth, VA 36°52’38N 76°23’29W

Providence, RI 41°48’58N 71°24’42W

Quincy, MA 42°14’27N 71°0’41W

Raritan, NJ 40’34’11N 74°38’30W

Riverside, CA 33°56’38N 117°24’15W

Rockwall, TX 32°56 54N 96°28’4W

Rockwall, TX 32°56’54N 96°28’4W

Round Rock, TX 30°28°58N 97°39’22W

Roxbury, MA 42°18 9N 71°9’48W

Sacramento, CA 38°28’38N 121°30’19W

Sacramento, CA 38°29’13N 121°32’10W

Saint Louis, MO 38°36°13N 90°12’55W

Salt Lake City, UT 40’44’52N 111°57’48W

San Antonio, TX 29°28°59N 98°35’33W

San Diego, CA 32°58’28N 117°13’33W

San Francisco, CA 37°44’49N 122°25’14W

Sanford, FL 28°46 17N 81°16’34W

Santa Ana, CA 33°46’6N 117°52’7W

Santa Barbara, CA 34°35°47N 120°8’31W

Santa Barbara, CA 34°35’47N 120°8’31W

Santa Clara, CA 37°22’36N 121°58’58W

Santa Rosa, CA 38°25’40N 122°43’18W

Saratoga Springs, NY 43°4’36N 73°47’24W

Scarsdale, NY 40’58’14N 73°48’16W

Scurry, TX 32°31°17N 96°22’42W

Scurry, TX 32°31’17N 96°22’42W

Seekonk, MA 41°53’9N 71°19’12W

Sherrill, NY 43°4 50N 75°35’56W

Solon, OH 41°23 57N 81°27’47W

Solvang, CA 34°35°47N 120°8’42W

Solvang, CA 34°35’47N 120°8’42W

Somerville, NJ 40°34’4N 74°36’32W

South Schodack, NY 42°28°57N 73°40’44W

Southborough, MA 42°17’41N 71°29’42W

Southlake, TX 32°56 19N 97°7’37W

Southlake, TX 32°56’19N 97°7’37W

Southlake, TX 32°56’43N 97°11’46W

Southlake, TX 32°56’45N 97°9’7W

St. Augustine, FL 29°48 58N 81°15’51W

Stamford, CT 41°3’30N 73°32’36W

Stoneham, MA 42°30’1N 71°6’8W

The Woodlands, TX 30°9 29N 95°27’46W

Valley City, OH 41°14 13N 81°55’48W

Vanhorn, TX 31°1 50N 104°51’25W

Vanhorn, TX 31°1’5N 104°51’25W

Visalia, CA 36°18’43N 119°19’51W

Vista, CA 33°9 1N 117°13’51W

Walnut Bottom, PA 40’5’17N 77°26’18W

Walpole, MA 42°07’25N 71°13’59W

Walpole, MA 42°7’2N 71°16’7W

Walpole, MA 42°8’23N 71°13’2W

Wareham, MA 41°45’12N 70°43’57W

Wareham, MA 41°46’25N 70°42’7W

Wareham, MA 41°46’56N 70°44’4W

Waukesha, WI 43°3 0N 88°13’23W

Webster, TX 29°32°33N 95°7’35W

Weedsport, NY 43°2 13N 76°33’39W

West Roxbury, MA 42°18’9N 71°9’48W

Westboorough, MA 42°16’59N 71°35’3W

Westborough, MA 42°14’21N 71°35’51W

Westborough, MA 42°16’08N 71°36’38W

Wilkes-Barre, PA 41°14’56N 75°52’44W

Williamsburg, VA 37°19 26N 76°47’42W

Willow Grove, PA 40’10’33N 75°6’16W

Wilmington, DE 39°42’29N 75°37’59W

Wilmington, DE 39°42’39N 75°37’6W

Wilmington, DE 39°42’58N 75°35’27W

Wilmington, DE 39°44’10N 75°32’39W

Wilmington, DE 39°44’10N 75°32’56W

Wilmington, DE 39°44’22N 75°33’25W

Wilmington, DE 39°44’40N 75°31’44W

Wilmington, DE 39°44’8N 75°33’51W

Wilmington, DE 39°45’10N 75°30’13W

Wilmington, DE 39°45’22N 75°29’30W

Wilmington, DE 39°45’6N 75°30’43W

Wilmington, DE 39°46’6N 75°29’2W

Wilmington, DE 39’43’21N 75°34’38W

Wood Dale, IL 41°58’38N 87°58’6W

Woonsocket, RI 41°59’42N 71°30’18W

Woonsocket, RI 42°00’24N 71°30’33W

Woonsocket, RI 42°0’16N 71°32’15W

Wylie, TX 32°59 18N 96°32’11W

Wylie, TX 32°59’18N 96°32’11W

Wylie, TX 33°0 12N 96°32’11W

Wylie, TX 33°0’12N 96°32’11W

Wylie, TX 33°1’40N 96°32’52W

Wylie, TX 33°1’4N 96°32’52W

York, PA 39°57’32N 76°44’54W

Yorktown Heights, NY 41°18’44N 73°48’5W