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Enable VoNR (Vo5G) on X52, X53, X55, X60, X65 modems with MPSS.HI.2.0, MPSS.DE.1.0 baseband firmware or newer:

Devices which have VoNR enabled will use the same IMS user agent as for VoLTE, and the same codecs. If your device has EVS enabled for VoLTE, you will benefit from EVS under VoNR.

How to enable VoNR (Vo5G) in NR-SA

Step 1: Launch EFS explorer

Launch QPST with your device in diag mode. Then, open the EFS explorer.

Step 2: Upload the NV item files for VoNR

Navigate to /nv/item_files/modem/mmode/

Right click and “Copy item file from PC”, do not drag or drop.

List of NV item files:

nr5g_full_voice_support set to 0x01

For dual SIM devices also add:

nr5g_full_voice_support_Subscription01 set to 0x01

Download from here

Resulting entry in ueCapabilityInformation RRC packets:

eutra nr